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Die! Die! Die!


Event Details

D I E ! D I E ! D I E !

New Zealand noise punk-trio

live @ Heart Attack & Vine, The Ouseburn (beside The Cluny)

8pm Thursday 28th March 2013

with support from Future Loss & Lunn Poly

£7 entry


Tickets available at:


Since their Steve Albini-produced eponymous debut album in 2003, New Zealand band Die! Die! Die! have been wowing crowds the world over with explosive, sweat-drenched punk shows of the highest calibre.

One past visit to Newcastle began with the singer shouting "I have a lot of CONTEMPT for The Man today..." before kicking his guitar across the stage as it wailed through endless delay pedals. The rest of the show was a blur, as the three-piece zoomed around the floor with manic intensity.

Their commitment to sparse, relentless rhythm, driving bass and white distortion all nailed to terse, 3 minute punk arrangements, has won them a zealous following.

Formerly on the Flying Nun Records, Pet Piranha Records and SAF Records rosters, the band has enjoyed considerable underground success.

Their 3rd album 'Form' - co-produced by The Walkmen & Titus Andronicus producer Kevin S. McMahon - debuted at #1 on the Independent Charts.

The follow up 'Harmony' was helmed by the producer behind Portishead's 'Third': Chris Townsend. It went on to be shortlisted for the 2011 Taite Music Prize.

The band has rarely been off the road since forming, enjoying support slots with Wolfmother, Franz Ferdinand and The Blood Brothers. They play SXSW in Austin, Texas later this year.


"...a sense of danger, hunger and heat..." - The Guardian

"...relentless fractured pop ditties, visceral indie, spun-out shoegaze, and post-modern punkisms..." - UnderTheRadar

"...thrilling new breakthroughs [in] an ongoing tug-of-war between noise and melody... highly recommended..." - Rolling Stone



Future Loss

Pushing the boundaries between post-punk razor sharp melodies, proto-sludge, and hypnotic freak outs that long outstay their welcome. No doubt enjoyed by those who like Shellac, Wire and Bear Claw.

Their records can be listened to here:

Live evidence can be viewed here:

And social networking can be partaken here:

Lunn Poly

Featuring lo-fi, warehouse art punk songs, Lunn Poly has been a favourite of Ex Libris since their debut album 'Hangar Songs' crept out onto the internet late last year.

Spiky, visceral and often unpredictable, Poly will appeal to fans of The Fall, Liars and The Yummy Fur.

Download their record here:

View their live antics here:

Follow the band here:

Event Location

Venue Heart Attack & Vine, The Ouseburn
Place Newcastle
Location 51 Lime Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

Event Date

Starts: 28/03/2013, Time: 20:00
Ends: 28/03/2013, Time: 23:00



Tickets available at:

Telephone 07779668946

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